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As part of an infrastructure renewal project we’re deploying Full Fibre broadband in Flintshire, North Wales, starting with Deeside.

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Welcome to our world.

This is the future and the future is Gigabit Broadband for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A powerful Tri-Band Wi-Fi router is included with all our packages, featuring easy setup and auto-updates. Purchase additional routers to create a Mesh network, ensuring complete coverage for all of your devices.

Not at all, we do connect your home using a new fibre optic cable however we run the cable through Openreach existing ducts and poles. Not only is it less intrusive but it’s also a lot quicker and environmentally friendly.

We usually prepare your cable outside your house so the internal installation takes our engineer less than an hour, so we take up as little of your time as possible.

Yes, you will.  Our network is not limited by telephone copper wire and modem technology so we can boldly guarantee that our customers get what they are paying for, or they don’t pay.

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We're working hard to bring our broadband to more homes across the UK, and we're actively assessing more areas to connect to our network.

Introduce your friends and neighbours, and help get your area on the list!

Powerful Mesh Routers for complete coverage

Our intelligent Mesh routers allow you to create an interconnected Wi-Fi network giving you complete coverage for all of your devices.

Streaming the way it was meant to be.

Binge-watch all your favourite shows and movies in 4K Ultra HD without any lag or buffering.

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