Here’s an update regarding our planned Full Fibre network in Deeside

Over the past few months we've been working hard to establish a Full Fibre network in Deeside.

But recently, with no announcement, Openreach started to roll out their own network in the area, directly blocking both our progress and investment.

With this new Full Fibre network being deployed in Deeside, our service is no longer needed there, and so unfortunately we are moving to our next area.

Our journey: a timeline of events

We want to be as open as possible when explaining these unexpected changes to our plans.

For this reason we’ve put together a short video, which includes a timeline of events, tracking our journey in Deeside.

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We’re sad to be leaving Deeside

Your support and excitement has been the driving force behind our progress, and we were looking forward to delivering our lightning-fast gigabit Full Fibre directly to your homes.

We understand you may be frustrated with these changes, but unfortunately we must move immediately onto our next town.


Your contract will be annulled/voided and your personal information will be cleared from our records in accordance with GDPR.

Your Direct Debit mandate has already been canceled on our end and you have not been charged for anything.

You will need to contact Openreach for any inquiries about their network.

After careful consideration, we decided against this, as it would mean we wouldn't be able to offer the same speeds at the same affordable prices.

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